Universal Beams

Universal beams are used in a variety of construction purposes including residential properties and large commercial premises supplied by the I beam suppliers. They are also to be found in civil engineering projects such as railways and bridges contractors will acquirer their beams by I beam suppliers.

We are a I beam supplier in Gauteng that fabricate our steel beams to a high quality in a large number of standard sizes. If you don't see the size and weight you need, then contact us to talk about our tailor-made options (tailored steel beams vary in price).

Due to the increased depth in a universal beam the loading capability is higher than other forms of beam.

It is important that the depth is measured correctly before ordering the beam you require. A beam is normally put into between two columns, but it can also be used as a column by itself.

RSJ Beams

RSJs or Rolled Steel Joists, as they are known are used to hold up supporting walls. They are also known as I beams or H beams because of their shape, which gets supplied by steel beam suppliers.

They are designed for strength and load bearing and they have tapered flanges. They are available in a varied size range made by steel beams suppliers, typical of this type of steel beam and they are ideal for use on low storey buildings. They provide strength to girders and support to joists for ceilings and floors.

We can supply you an RSJ beam from our extensive list, or you can ask us about tailor-made options if that's what you require.

The steel beam sizes shown are the Height in mm (the web) x the width in mm (the flange) x the weight per metre in kilograms.

Rolled Steel Joists or I Beams / steel beams as they sometimes called are rolled from a single piece of structural steel from I beam suppliers in Gauteng and are used extensively in construction and civil engineering. The web helps to resists shear forces, whilst the flanges resist the larger part of the bending moment experienced by the RSJ.

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