All A Steel offers structural steel analysis and design services. Our professional engineers collaborate with our steel detailers to develop and economical design that meets your needs. We focus on designing a safe structure.

After understanding the customer's way of manufacturing and erecting, the necessary materials are arranged.

Construction begins on a clean, level site. Foundations are dug and the concrete is then cast and left to cure.

Site Establishment. All materials are delivered and the columns are erected. Girders and purlins are installed and the building is checked for final plumb and square. Roof sheeting and other final materials are installed for completion.

Final completion phase. For the final step of the process the building is snagged, the snag list is then rectified and the building is handed over to the client in a perfect condition and with great pride

We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable and practical steel structure solutions on the market. No project is too big or too small!

We manufacture and fabricate a variety of steel structures:

We also offer structural steel sections to the general market at unbeatable prices. If you require steel for any application, please contact us today.

The Company supplies the following steel products: