All A Steel Group

Was incorporated in the republic of South Africa in May 1996 with the express purpose of selling mild steel direct to the public and the manufacturing of high quality steel structures.

From humble beginnings with a labour force of only a few skilled workers and a small manufacturing capacity, All A Steel Group has grown into a considerable company able to place itself as one of the top five companies in its field of expertise with a labour force of forty four workers.

With the export market which has grown considerably over the past year, All A Steel Group is playing a large part every day. The company is able to handle bigger orders with considerable more efficiency and although the export market has been targeted, the main focus of the company has been on the local market. All A Steel Group has not ignored the smaller buyer on our local market and therefore has earned a solid reputation for reliability and pricing with all our local customers.

Of interest to our customers will be the fact that we can supply and erect factories, warehouses, farm sheds etc., country wide.

All A Steel & Structures

We are proud to be BEE certified and compliant and aims to continue to be involved in uplifting communities as well as to grow and develop sustainability. We are involved with many local community projects such as building churches, and small steel structure warehouses.